Simple process to get your iOS app published in the App Store by Publy

Hand receiving points
Xcode project
With one of these two options we can upload your app to the App Store. You will be able to send us the files after payment.
Shining star custom point currency
Access to Developer Account
We will create a certificate for Apple Development and Apple Distribution in your account. And also create Development Profile for iOS App Development and a Distribution Profile for App Store. After payment we will ask for access.
Throttle point earning
We do the work as soon as today
Our publisher will contact you after payment to check if everything is okay for publishment.
Alarm clock points expiring
Ready in less than 24 hours
We will send you an screenshot when the app gets published and ready to be approved by the App Store Team.
Learn about Play Store Publishing
We just need your Android Bundle file or your Android Studio project and we will upload it to Play Store in less than 24 hours.
Play Store Publishing